Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome to Holy Stitchers!

Hello all! This collective blog is a forum for the Beit Shemesh quilting/sewing group to share work, ideas, and needle musings with each other and other like-minded people. We are:

Rachel Hershberg grew up in Palo Alto, California, and has lived in Israel for 18 years. Her quilts are powerful and beautiful. Rachel teaches Jewish Studies in Jerusalem part-time, has four kids, and her husband is a computer programmer.

Katie Wolicki and has lived in Israel for a long time. She has an acute sense of color, and a weakness for making little animals and people from fabric. Katie has eight kids and her husband is the head of a Talmudical Academy.

Sorcha is British (not her fault), an internist, and mom of three boys. She sews quilts, clothes, and does a lot of sewing for local charities. She also gardens and jams.

Elisheva is also British but spent a decade living in the US. Capable of spending hours doing tiny beading and hand stitching, Elisheva loves to create small quilts. She is a doula and childbirth educator.

Michelle whups us all at free-motion quilting and shows us how baby quilts can be fast, cute and loving. She makes gorgeous quilts in all sizes and styles and loves to experiment with new techniques. She has four kids and is an English teacher.

Roxy has lived all over the world. In Brooklyn she owned a knitting store and taught sewing classes for many years. She knits, sews, quilts, crochets, and is a walking encyclopedia of sewing techniques.

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